Home Leisure Direct

Home Leisure Direct

We have worked with Jade and the team at Inntegra for over 3 years. We approached them to help us launch an industry leading event for the competitive socialising market. Supplying the majority of the key players in the market we get to meet some incredible entrepreneurs who are inspirational individuals, taking some pretty considerable risks to grow their businesses in new and untapped markets. So... we thought it would be a great idea to get them all together to share their ideas, experiences and views on the market and what the future could hold. Working with Jade has been a brilliant experience. Her enthusiasm and drive to pull together events of this size, attracting key partners and speakers takes a driven and tenacious individual. She is well connected, undertstands the market, and most importantly “gets” that everyone needs to collaborate together to achieve things that have never been done before. The Competitive Socialising events would have never grown to what they are now without Jade being at the helm.

Andy Beresford
Managing Director / Home Leisure Direct
One From Me Logo

One From Me

Jade helped us understand where we need to go with our company, she understood the hospitality industry on another level, she knows how to advertise, locate people who we need to talk to and helps us get them over the line. Jade helps plan all of our marketing and strategy. Jade has contacts in all areas of the industry and can help you get your brand out there! 

Peter Masters
Director / One From Me
Darling Spuds Logo

Darling Spuds

Jade knows what she is talking about! From product placement, help in getting to know who is who and most importantly gets us in front of clients! Jade can tell you in a second what needs to be done to get to the next level. Jade has had more experience that most of the retailers I know! 

Dave Willis
Managing Director / Darling Spuds
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Jades common sense, no-nonsense approach is like a breath of fresh air and with over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality including 3 years as Commercial Business Manager at the ALMR, if Jade doesn’t know them, they’re probably not worth knowing! Based on her extensive contacts list and strong relationships with some of the key players in the industry, Jade can fast-track discussions leading to commercial partnerships. From events to marketing, brand awareness to negotiation, Jade is a one-stop shop and a formidable force in the industry to work with. 

Craig Brew
Director of Sales, UK / Nicoccino
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Propel Info

Jade is renowned in the Hospitality Industry for running the best events, she works with Propel on events and is organised, energetic, and knows hospitality, her contacts are second to none! 

Sharon Dickinson
Commercial Director / Propel Info
The OnTrade Preview Logo

The OnTrade Preview

Jade is a star in the world of Hospitality, she can help with the smallest thing that matters. Jade works with integrity and helps others get to where they want to be. In the industry for over 20 years, Jade certainly knows her stuff, and the people she knows and works with are among the best in the business. 

Catharine Fergusson
PubLove Logo

PubLove & Burger Craft

Jade can visit a site and is able to give you phenomenal feedback, she knows how to not be seen by the staff and manages to give you the answers you need. “Undercover agent” in the best sense, she puts together a plan on how (if you need) to make changes that are needed within a day of her visit! A great person to have on your side. 

Ben Stakhouse
Banwell House Logo

Banwelll House

Jade knows what you want before you do! From menu selections to cocktails and mixology, she knows what she is talking about. Jade puts some pub operators to shame. Jade can help you from finding a new venue, training staff, running workshops, to getting good deals with suppliers. Jade does not pull any punches when she is on the clock for you! 

Toby Brett
Managing Director / Banwelll House
The Snug Kitchen & Cocktails Bar

The Snug: Kitchen & Cocktails

Jade can help you with a refurbishment from start to finish, from finding you a venue, to contractors and builders. Jade knows what a bar should look like, and the best way for a back bar to work for speed of service. Jade is on site to control what goes on, and she knows how to control!

Giles Fry
Whiting and Hammond Logo

Whiting & Hammond

Jade can help you get to where you want to be, from contacts to running an event, she knows how to get people through the door and get them to return time after time. Jade is a powerhouse in the industry! 

Brian Whiting
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CPL Training Group

Jade knows her stuff, she helped me on a number of my projects, her eye for detail is keener than any one I know. Jade is a fast-paced worker that delivers every time. A force in our Industry!

Daniel Davies
Chief Executive / CPL Training Group
The Yummy Pub Co Logo

The Yummy Pub Co.

From the second Jade walks into a bar, she knows what to look for! Jade can help you achieve the inspiration your team needs. From floor work to service and standards, Jade can help you!  Her 20 years of experience in this industry can help you gain customers, and just as importantly staff loyalty!

Tim Foster
Founder & Head of Being Awesome / The Yummy Pub Co.
Polaris Elements Logo

Polaris Elements

Jade got me to the next level! From introducing me to new clients, to helping me organise my company plans. Jade helps with all artwork and design from brochures to my website. Jade tells you what needs to be done and does not hold back. Jade knew what we needed and got us there! 

Neil Westwater
Managing Director / Polaris Elements
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Institute of Licensing

Jade Worked with us on a number of projects from membership to events, she helps us to attain the high-grade events we put on. From sponsorship to the nitty gritty running of events. We loved having her as part of our team.

Sue Nelson
Executive Officer / Institute of Licensing
Salty Dog Logo

Salty Dog

Jade helps us understand where the market is for us, and knows when to act to get the best bang for our buck. From negotiating contracts for us, to introductions to new clients. Jade knows the movers and shakers of this industry and having her on board has saved us money, and got us in with the right people!

Dominic Crowther
Sales Director / Salty Dog