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Dismaland (Spoiler Alert Pics included)


Wellies at the ready, we the Qarrived and were herded through crash barriers and led across the road by a Lollipop Man. First Aid crew on hand holding up a severed finger, asking for someone to claim it! Passing through Security, you get your first taste of the “Dismal Staff”. Boy! They are brilliantly “Dismal”.

From a giant motorised pinwheel, death on the dodgems, a burnt out ice cream van, smashed up petrol mini golf, oil slicked duck pond to a dilapidated armoured police truck with a slide no less, Dismal is the word of the day!

The installations are truly mind boggling and the art work….beautiful. A poignant reflection of what the world has become. Banksy’s masterpiece inside a burnt out fairy castle of a princess being “papped” to death is very reminiscent of something in the past which we should never forget.

I was a little surprised at the excellent standard and service of the three bars, which would not be out of place in any up market establishment. It was a welcome contradiction to the “Dismal Staff”. Yet again, hospitality proves what we’re best at.

In Banksy’s words:-  “Think of this as a fairground that embraces brutality and low level criminality – so a fairground then. Here you’re encouraged to consider, not just consume, to look, not just spectate and most of all – beware of uneven floor surfaces.”

An historic event!


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